What is Mini Militia?:

What is Mini Militia?:

The Mini militia is a favorite multiplayer game of today. It is a stick bashed game and can play online and offline. There are many ranks in the game and various weapons also. Right players will play and win, but what if someone needs to cheat. So here are some cheat and some hidden tricks that found on the Internet. Some of these worked for iOS and maybe all of them working for other platforms like Android.

The multiplayer with up to 8 players online or locally in Multiplayer mode. Train with me sarges and sharpen your skills in offline Training and Survival modes. You too enjoy the thrills of spewing hot lead and making swiss cheese of your opponents. Hear the whiz of bullets flying past your tumble for cover. Outsmart the enemy with a well-placed grenade and watch them explode into quivering bloody giblets.


Open Mini Militia then closes its press for a second. See the X button tap it the reminder; it is not just deleting it. Download the app again then type in Chat Room. The weapons are like that DESERT EAGLE, UZI, MAGNUM, MP5, AK47, M4, M14, SHOTGUN, M93BA, SMAW, MACHETE, PHASE, GRENADES.

Chat Commands

Once you enter the resulting mini militia cheat codes in the Chat room, the appropriate authorities are spelled out. Audio feedback given as output

  • BI: bring it
  • LG: let’s go, yeah
  • RU: Ready up
  • GS: get some
  • NNOOOOOOO: nooooooooooo
  • HH: hoo ya
  • CM: Cover me
  • CB: come on boy
  • MO: move out


  • Online multiplayer via game center
  • Local Multiplayer via Bluetooth or WIFI
  • Intuitive Dual stick shooting controls
  • Open world maps
  • Rocket boots for extended vertical movement
  • Dual wield with handguns
  • Zoom control on various weapons
  • Melee attacks
  • Team battle

Some points to keep in mind For Beginner’s to handle the gun safely !!

Firearm safety

Gun or a rifle in any beginner’s hand is always dangerous things, because any mistake could take your life. If you follow some very basic steps to keep the weapon safe you can avoid major accident, These rules are from different experts who are hunter and shooters, there is nothing illegal if you don’t follow these rules, these are just for your safety.

1 . If you’re buying a gun for self defense keep your gun loaded, In case of somebody breaks into your home or similar situation people don’t find time to load the weapon because enemy with loaded weapon would be in-front of you. If you keep your weapon loaded you can respond quickly.

2 . If your firearm is unused keep it in the best gun safe that offers a total protection and meet the quality standard of government.

3 . Do not point your loaded firearm at any direction, if you point loaded gun just for fun at any direction it can be too dangerous if it mistakenly fired. So never point unless you want to shoot at the target.

4 . While taking a gun in your hand check if its loaded or not, double check even if somebody or your friend says its not loaded, because in case of guns there is no second chance.

5 . If you’re firing a the target, check the target and surrounded place before start shooting, if something is too hard for example concrete or thick metal plate, don’t make it your target, bullet may glance off and hit anybody else, even the shooter. and if you’re shooting at soft target that bullet can easily go through always check whats behind your target, because you may destroy those also.

6 . Always maintain your firearm, service it regularly to keep it in good condition. Firearm will last longer and it won’t jam at right time.

7 . Shooting is lot of fun but don’t mix this fun with alcohol or other similar things because when you have firearm in your hand you need to stay focus.

These are some of the very important rules for beginner gun owner to handle a gun. if you follow all these there are nearly 100% chances that there won’t be any accident, educate your self and others about safety, guns are very dangerous.

Best Police Scanner Apps for iOS and Android

Police Scanners are widely popular for these days in all generations, people are using police scanners to know about the crime in the area or to get in touch with latest news about any kind of emergency in area, there are some people out there also who use police scanners purely for fun. If you don’t require the police scanner seriously, there is no need to invest money in best police scanner. There is a good and cheap or sometimes free option of police scanner, that’s police scanner app in your phone.

Police scanner apps are available in both widely used mobile platforms, Android and iOS, you can download it from AppStore or Play Store. Hearing Police/Police Scanners are illegal in some areas so before using any of these app check the law of your area to avoid any trouble.

Lets Checkout some Apps in Android First.

Scanner Radio



If you’re looking for the app that gives you functinality of more than one type of scanner like fire, weather and other emergency, download this, this app is very simple and covers lots of features you can listen live to the police scanners with this app.


Police Scanner from Critical Hit Softwares



This App gives access to thousands of American and International channels, it has great features with very simple user interface which makes this app very easy to operate. It’s available in Just $4.99.

We have checked Free and Paid Police Scanner appsĀ  for android phones, so let’s take a look at some of the Police Scanner Apps for iOS.

Scanner Radio Deluxe


Scanner Radio Deluxe

Scanner Radio Deluxe in iOS is from the same developer of Scanner radio app in android, Scanner Radio Deluxe gives you access to more than 5000 channels that includes fire and emergency services. This is a great App if you’re looking for any paid App for better functionality, Just give Scanner Radio Deluxe a try before purchase.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner


5-0 Radio Police Scanner

5-0 Radio Police Scanner is one of the most famous App among the police scanner apps, it gives you access to wide verity of channels including airports and rail roads, This app includes more features than many police scanner apps and its free.